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converting a head in a combo

2/16/2000 10:36 PM
converting a head in a combo
What type/brand of speaker or couple of speakers should I use best for a 120 watt head I want to build a combo with?  
I play blues, both clean and "gained" with a couple of pedals.  
Thanks a lot.  
2/16/2000 11:51 PM
Lee M.

You might want to consider just building a speaker cab. It will be an extremely heavy combo. Hard to recommend a speaker. Everyone likes something different but just about everyone seems to like the Celestion Vintage 30.
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2/17/2000 1:21 AM

Thank you very much for your opinion.  
Yes, I'll do that and keep the head as it is.  
And also, I'll keep on trying to find "my" combo that suits my ear and budget.  
I heard nothing but good things and good tone from Rivera combos although I haven't had the oportunity to try one by myself... But they are sooo expensive here in Spain.  
I can't find any vintage Fender combos here where I live.  
I would like to find a BF combo, but the only ones I found were a Bassman head and a Band Master head.  
2/17/2000 2:56 AM
Steve A.

    A Bassman head looks really nice in a custom-built combo cabinet, sort of square like a Super Reverb, but a little bit smaller... Awhile back one of the suppliers was polling AMPAGERS about custom cabinet kits they would like to see and I voted 5 times under different names for a cabinet that would fit a bassman head (just kidding- I only voted once!) Alas, I heard nothing more about it.  
    But like Lee said, combo amps get rather heavy to drag around, while with a head and a cab you make twice as many trips... and wear out your feet instead of your back!  
Steve Ahola
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