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Lack of choice in amps in Australia

2/12/2000 7:14 AM
Lack of choice in amps in Australia
Amps like Dr Z, Top Hat, Allen, Guytron, Bruno, Blues Pearl, Budda, Demeter, Diaz, Holland, Victoria, Naylor, Kendrick. Louis, Penn, Tone King, Torres Eng. aren't imported to Australia.  
Bogner is imported but the Ecstacy is $5900 and I notice there is has been a price rise I don't think the PCB Ecstacy is worth $6000+  
If you don't like poor quality mass produced JCM 2000, Fender PCB or Vox AC30TB PCB $3500 Alnico, and you don't know enough to build your own amps there is nothing to buy.  
If you order an amp off a builder it has NO resale value, if the builder goes bankrupt no parts/service, or your taste changes you also have a problem.  
Guitarists have $$$ for important things like beer but selling equipment thats too expensive by the time it gets here kills many good products. Any suggestions?
2/12/2000 5:44 PM

I would get in touch with Stephen Delft next door in NZ. He is an ace amp builder, very experienced engineer and all around nice guy. Plus shipping from NZ would be a lot more reasonable. ;-)
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2/14/2000 12:32 AM

Buy the amp in the U.S. and have it shipped to Australia. A good amp vendor that is willing to work with you and a good freight forwarder are all you need. Have the freight foforwarder crate the amp so it arrives ok.
2/14/2000 4:10 AM

Hi there,  
Yep, it certainly has been a problem. We looked at importing & distributing the Torres amps (& others) early last year but the cost was far too high.  
Having been selling all the chassis , speakers & bits/pieces & making & selling our own replica amp cabinets we thought why not do it ourselves??  
So...we have started production of our own PTP hand wired 5F6A Bassman & 5E3 Deluxe replicas with others to follow that should be available within 1-2 months. The prototypes look perfect & sound fantastic.  
The only hurdle is what may have stopped other Australian manufactures in the past - Getting the Australian Standards "c" tick & EMI compliance (this is nessesary for all electronic equip manufactured & sold in Aust). The testing procedure is very costly & time comsuming & must be redone with every model or part change. See for yourself what we have to go through at  
Given the niche market of such products in Australia, the cost of the complience may very well outweigh the returns.  
We'll let you know how we go.  
2/14/2000 9:25 AM
Mark Abbott

Dear Joe  
I tried emailing Stephen Delft about ordering some transformers, and that was a couple of weeks ago, and to be frank, I don't think I'll be getting a reply.  
Greg, what did you think of the Torres amps?  
I tried one in England a couple of years ago and frankly I was unimpressed, dispite the fact Torres wants an arm and a leg for everything he sells.  
Finally, where's my wahwah pedal with the new pot? (just kidding)  
I'm sure you'll tell me when they arrive.  
Yours Sincerely  
2/14/2000 10:38 AM

Recently England's Guitarist magazine threw its "weight" behind an English PTP amp builder (can't rember the name sorry) but the fact remains it says something about the English wanting a local PTP quality product.  
Australian guitarists seem to used to accepting the seriously decling quality of the mass production companie's AND paying far too much for it.  
See the ridulous price amps cost here (bearing in mind transport and Aus $ compared to US $)  
The retail prices of imported amps, effects and guitars is a joke, the quality is not commensurate with price, Sydney shops advertise 40% discount off new amps every week yet second hand asking prices do not reflect how second hand amps are worth no more than a used car.
2/14/2000 11:53 AM
Paul Stansfield

The UK has a few PTP amp manufacturers, but they are still too small to be called anything bar "custom amp manufacturers", due to the limited quantities produced. I dare say most of them would be happy to ship to Oz. I think the one you saw in Guitarist was probably Cornford amplification, or perhaps one of Denis Cornell's custom creations. If you want any contact details, email me and I'll see what I can put together.  
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