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Kendrick Roughneck

1/11/2000 7:58 PM
Kendrick Roughneck
Has anyone heard one of these? There supposed to be like either a Champ or Harvard.
1/13/2000 9:28 AM
Mark Abbott

Dear RJ  
I own one of these amps, and to be frank I don't know exactly what to say about it.  
It is well made, though I did have problems with a faulty volume pot and someone at the factory did wire the input of the amp incorrectly, I had to write to Gerald Weber with a drawing of the circuit before he realized a fault existed.  
Tonally the amp is quite middly, I asked for 10" speaker option for more bass. The amp doesn't have as much top end as my Blond Bandmaster. The amp also compresses quite heavily when cranked up, (in this case not a desireable sound), however the amp for some reason does sound very good when used with a Tubescreamer, which seems to overcome this (bad)compressed sound.  
In short my friend's amp which he built from a circuit from Angela electronics also sound very good (different), and offers the builder a great options.  
I bought this amp as I wanted something I could turn up and not disturb anyone, and I wanted to hear a classic Fender (like) tone, as I don't have any tweed amps and I didn't want to by a museum piece that would be devalued if I blew a speaker or put some small mod in ( I put a 47pF across the volume control of the Roughneck for more top end), (I did try 2 small tweed amps and I'd have to say the Roughneck is better). In hind sight I wish I had got the amp with a WeberVST 10" speaker, oh well live and learn.  
1/14/2000 5:28 AM

Mark have you ever considered reverse engineering the amp?  
You could draw a schem up and we could all offer some suggestions.  
I had one over at my shop for a week or two and the only real comments I got other then **yawns** were "That's as ugly as a bucket of smashed buttholes".  
1/14/2000 4:16 PM
Dave James

Bruce, you're a riot! The next time I'm in Colorado I'll have to stop by the shop for a 'face-to-face' and some yuks!  
1/15/2000 2:31 AM
Mark Abbott

Dear Bruce  
The circuit is almost exactly the same as a 5F1 Champ. The differences with this amp are on the first preamp stage. The input doesn't use 68k resistors it uses 470k resistors, one of these resistor has a 250pF cap across it. This forms the bright/normal inputs, the switch on the jacks is wired so the input not used is grounded.  
This forms a voltage divider so only half the signal goes to the grid of the first preamp stage. The 250pF cap either allows highs to bypass the 470k resistor or is shunted to ground. The amp uses a 5751 tube instead of a 12ax7, the first preamp stage has the cathode bypassed by a 22uF cap.  
If RJ was considering this amp I'd probably ask for the stock 5F1 set up as I like the sound of the cathode not being bypassed.  
Bruce I hope this helps as I'm not sure how to post the circuit diagram.  
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