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Best sites to learn to build amps and effects?

1/11/2000 4:31 AM
Robert Best sites to learn to build amps and effects?
I'm looking for sites to learn to build amps and effects,  
I'm a motor mechanic, trained in basic Dc voltage, welding, have multimeter, soldering station, handtools, good work area  
No training in AC voltage, not a brilliant woodworker,  
but sick of mass production pcb amps and effects.  
1/11/2000 12:40 PM

IMHO, you're at the best site. I've surfed around for over a year for other resources, and nothing compares to the ideas, links, and people who frequent AMPAGE. In April of last year, I started out with an old tube house PA amp and no experience, and now I have a kickin' tweed Twin-Amp clone that could bring down my house if I so choose. AMPAGE, (specifically this BBS)has been my #1 resource. Don't forget the links to other pages, like Aiken Amps, and others. They often store a wealth of free info. E-mail me for some specific sites and articles that I have found useful. Best of luck!!  
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to build a Bassman, Champ, Plexi, an 800, AC-30, Bulldog or Portaflex? Or you wanted to build an SVT with off-the-shelf parts? How about a master-volume amp that doesn’t change tone with the master setting? Everything you need to know is right here, including: proper grounding techniques, wiring methods, and mechanical considerations. Eighteen chapters cover the “iconic” amps everyone knows and loves, with schematics and layouts for each, along with the technical history of the product. Eyelet-board and chassis-mounted tube socket construction is used throughout, for easy servicing and modding. TUT3 is very accessible even if you cannot fully read a schematic and is a "must have" if you are going to build an amp for your self.

Note: The Ampage Archive is an Amazon Associate site. A small commission is paid to the site owner on any qualified purchase made after clicking an associate link such as the one above.
1/11/2000 5:52 PM

For effects, check out:  
1/12/2000 6:25 AM
Thank you very much
1/11/2000 11:24 PM
dave rutherford

Ampage is the best site I know of, but you have to read tons of posts and sort of put it all together. I'd suggest ordering some reference books. Start with some old tube ref. manuals or electronics reference books from the 1960s or earlier. 'Antiques Electronics' offers many tube amp related books for sale...  
I'd recommend Gerald Weber's 'Desk Reference to Hip Tube Amps' , just because it has tons of old fender (and other) schematics and layout diagrams. There's also a good section written by Ken Fischer in the middle. Just don't get stuck on every opinion in that book about vintage amp and parts mojo. Many people recommend Dave Funk's book, although I haven't read it.  
1/12/2000 6:36 AM

Here's another great site.  
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