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Re: Me too, what power tranny?

12/19/1999 5:23 PM
Mike B
Re: Me too, what power tranny?
You are right about the 270FX - I see 290-295V on the HT secondary with a line voltage of 117-118V. With a 5AR4, this means 365-370VDC which is a bit much for the EL84's. A workable compromise is to use the Sovtek version of the 5Y3. It is not a direct copy of the original - it uses an indirectly heated cathode and drops much less voltage. With the 270FX, I get around 345VDC which is a little kinder to the 84's. The amp still has decent transient response (the NOS 5Y3 has too much sag for my tastes) and the tubes seem to be happier. FWIW....  
Mike B
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