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Article on my mod to the RI Deluxe Reverb.

11/19/1999 9:48 PM
Article on my mod to the RI Deluxe Reverb.
Please tell me what you think!  
11/20/1999 2:49 AM

Looks good but i can't get past pg.2. Seems to  
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
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11/20/1999 3:02 AM

Really? I just tried it out and had no problems. Maybe Geocities was running slow...  
11/20/1999 7:12 AM
Steve A.
Seems to be a Java problem with your article... (maybe tboy can help!)
    Your article looks interesting but I was also unable to go past page two— at least without typing in the filenames in the URL box of my browser (NS 4.6). "deluxethree.html" and "sources.html" for anybody else who wants to know... the rest of the story (apologies to Paul Harvey!)  
    I believe that my browser is choking on the Java script used on your page. In fact, after viewing your page two different times I had to reboot my computer because Netscape started acting really weird (weirder than normal, that is).  
    I was just corresponding with someone who had put his own site up and he had been advised to keep his pages simple and to avoid Java altogether. I agree with that 100%, and would further suggest that you keep your filenames lowercase, using the 8+3 format, just for compatibility with hopefully all browsers and servers.  
    IMHO 95+% of the sites out there (commercial as well as personal) have very little content so they *need* the Java applets to keep their visitors entertained. Your article is interesting and doesn't need the bells and whistles...  
    I do like the way you were able to format your pages, presumably using Java to make the columns and for snaking the text around the picture. (Wish I could do that with my HTML pages!) I believe that R.G. Keen has been using the plug-ins for Word to achieve the column format of his home page...  
    Maybe tboy can step in with some advice because this fancy HTML/Java stuff is way over my head!  
Steve Ahola
11/20/1999 7:14 AM

Mine chokes on the script too Steve.  
right here....  
11/20/1999 7:19 AM

11/20/1999 12:56 PM
Geocities Rant....
I get that java error on any Geocities sight I visit. I originally put the Boxer site up on Geo and that error drove me insane. I didn't use any scripts or applets. I believe it is something they put in to track/monitor/pester innocent web-browers.  
I'm pretty happy with Xoom--except for that damn menu bar at the top of the page. If you don't let the whole page load and click a link you'll have two of the damn things on the next page.
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