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Best 10" Speakers?

9/23/1999 5:33 AM
Best 10" Speakers?
I need speakers for a 2x10 Fender Super (6G4-A), so I'm looking for recommendations. Has anyone tried out the Jensen reissues, particularly the P10R's? (The price is right and they are locally available).  
Thanks all.
9/23/1999 3:00 PM

How much $$ is the right price?  
Personally, as far as Jensen reissue speakers go,  
I like the Jensen RI C10Q more followed by it's baby brother the RI C10R.  
Here's what 10" speakers I have tried so far:  
MOJO, Eminence brand, Magic Parts (Ruby), Jensen, Naylor, Kendrick, Celestion and WeberVST.  
I have tried them all, singles, duals and quads.  
The WeberVST sounded terrific, $$$ a bit high.  
The VST C10P is wonderfull in a VOXY atmosphere.  
The Kendricks were also $$$ and I didn't like them much.  
Celestions V10 was OK but a little pricey!  
The Naylor was harsh and too much $$$ too. I'd pass.  
The standard Eminence ceramic and AlNiCo were OK and a good price but you could tell they had a certain generic sound to them. Not so thrilling.  
Magic Parts and MOJO are all made by Eminence too and they sounded pretty darn good but I could tell there were very small diffs in the production run for each company.  
That left me with Jensen reissues and the MOJO Eminence speakers.  
For clarification...  
MOJO MP10R... AlNiCO (Jensen P10R clone.)  
MOJO M10RR... ceramic (Jensen something clone.)  
Jensen C10Q... ceramic (good size magnet.)  
Jensen C10R... ceramic (lower wattage and smaller magnet.)  
Since all my amps have OTs with 4-8 or 16 ohm outputs,  
I used a semi open back 4x10 cabinet up to try four of each Jensen P10Rs.  
Wow! Not for me. They had too much upper midrange for my amps with a high end shrillness that my amps exagerated when driven hard.  
I refused to revoice the amps I tried with all these speakers since I knew they sounded great with other speakers combinations.  
Then I tried 2 J P10Rs and 2 MOJO MP10Rs.  
Hmmm...that sounded better, smoother and had a plumper high bottom end.  
So I tried the 2 J P10Rs and 2 cheaper MOJO M10RRs (ceramic).. that sounded a lot better. Interesting.  
I removed the 2 MOJO M10RRs and installed 2 J C10Qs with the Jensen RI P10Rs.  
OK! Now I had something! They helped each other out.  
So, I thought I'll try the 2 MOJO MP10Rs with the 2 MOJO M10RRs. Thats was pretty darn good too and not so much of the high end shrillness when cranked! I liked it.  
Notice it was sounding better the less the RI Jensen P10Rs were in the picture.  
Next was 2 MOJO M10RRs with 2 RI JC10Qs.  
Oh was different..and was very nice.  
So, I thought, what the heck... I tried all 4 RI Jensen C10Qs in the 4x10 bottom.  
WOW!! Way cool!  
I also tried 2 MP10Rs and a pair of J C10Qs..  
Way Cool again! Nice combination. A good blend.  
Then I disconnected the two MOJO MP10Rs for just a pair of the Jensen C10Qs alone and it still sounded great!  
Right now I have gone back to using 2 MOJO MP10Rs with a pair of RI Jensen C10Qs in the 4x10 bottom.  
I left it that way because I have so many of each at my shop, that it's nice to be able to demo them quickly to customer.  
And besides, I still liked that combination too.  
I'm sure I tried many other combinations but these stick out in my mind right now.  
So for what it's worth...I don't like the Jensen RI P10Rs that much but I've heard them in a well tuned BF 65' Super Reverb and all four sounded really good.  
My brother has a tweed 5C4 Super with a Jensen P10R and a RI Jensen C10q and it sounds fabulous!!  
The brown face Deluxe rips with the 4x10 using C10Q.  
I have put all the Jensen P10Rs back in their boxes on the shelve and they are for sale!!  
I doubt if I'll order anymore unless it is by request.  
But I did order a dozen more C10Qs. My 10" staple now.  
I'll be ordering a dozen more of the MOJO M10RRs too.  
These two 10" speakers are the best cheap 10" speakers I've heard in long time.  
I still like the Jensen C10Q a little better but the Eminence MOJO M10RR is a very close second, and it's REALLY a good one in the right amp.  
Anybody looking for a deal on some 10" speakers that have about 30 mins running time on them!?  
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9/23/1999 5:53 PM

Thanks for all the info, I hadn't thought of mixing speaker types in a 2x10. I assume by choosing complementary speakers you can overcome some shortcomings in any one speaker design and add some "complexity" (for lack of a better word) to the breakup when you overdrive the speakers. Am I on the right track here?  
9/24/1999 3:17 PM

Well, I thought I could share my views of the Jensen P10R RI with you all. I have a BF SR with 10” CTS (Fender Musical Instruments), ceramic speakers. I never really liked those speakers, thought they were a bit cold and maybe a bit to muddy.  
When Jensen introduced their RI-series I immediately contacted Ted Weber. Ted was very helpful in discussions concerning which Jensen RI speaker that would suit the amp best (to my taste). When the speakers arrived I was very happy – finally my amp would produce the sound I’ve been looking for. Imagine my disappointment when I plugged in, powered up and the speakers sounded thin and harsh. A very traumatic and depressing experience…  
Anyway, I did not have the time to swap back to the CTS-speakers and was forced to play with Jensens that evening. After a couple of hours of playing they did sound a bit better (I had heard that they might require a break in period) but still the amp sounded better with the old CTS speakers. Due to shortage in time I did not change speakers but continued playing on the Jensens – and after maybe 20 hours of playing the harshness slowly disappeared. After another 10-20 hours they started to sound real good, absolutely better than the CTS. I now played the speakers for a total of maybe 60 hours (a very long break in period indeed) and I think they still improve. They now produce a nice, rich and warm tone, both when playing clean or overdriven (maybe a bit nearer the Marshall-tone). Very much better than the CTS originals!  
9/27/1999 6:30 PM
I had a similar experience with my Jensen C10R RIs. Replacing the stock Oxfords in a Vibroverb RI, they sounded better, but not the huge dramatic difference I'd been led to expect. However, after a week or two of breaking in, I noticed they were sounding much better. The low end really came around, and I can say they sound much deeper than I'd expected. THey sound great now - for $50 CAN a piece, they're by far the best deal in replacement speakers out there right now.  
9/23/1999 6:00 PM
Randall Aiken

Wow, Bruce! Thanks for the timely review of the 10's. I am in the same boat, trying to find the best 10's for a 2x10 open back combo design. I have several Mojo (MP10R, MP10RR, MP10RHD), Webers (don't recall the model at the moment), and Jensen speakers (C10Q), and am planning to order some Cele$tion Vintage 10's to try out (how much do you want for the ones you have?).  
It will be interesting to see if we come to the same conclusions!  
Randall Aiken  
9/23/1999 6:49 PM

Did you do a several-hours run-in on the speakers before trying them? Speaker suspensions change a bit in the first several hours to days of use.
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