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narrow g-10 turret boards

6/2/2000 2:41 AM
Nigel Brewer
narrow g-10 turret boards
I would like to find some narrow 2 inch wide and about 12 inches long g-10boards. Any ideas of who will supply these? I like the way the old Hiwatt amps were laid out and I would like to base my homebrew amp project on that example.
6/2/2000 2:50 AM

I used some boards I bought from Hoffman and cut them to 2" widths myself. I believe he gets them in 3 1/8" widths and cuts to length by hand.  
Charles over at Swamp said he could get it done, but he seems MIA for over the past month(best wishes).  
I checked out the stuff at McMaster, you'd have to cut them down yourself.  
Can't think of anybody else, and none of these really help you. Maybe one of the Ampage locals can cut you a deal. ha-ha  
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6/2/2000 3:34 AM

I have a few sheets of 1/16" thick G10.  
If you email me, I can help you out if that is thick enough for what you are doing.  
I might even have some Phenolic board with turrets on them that might work.  
6/2/2000 4:52 PM
Andrew M

Keystone makes a variety of turret boards it you are looking to buy pre-made boards. They are available through Mouser (among others). You can see their on-line catalog or get a free paper version at:  
6/5/2000 2:55 PM
Ray Ivers

These are not G-10, but perhaps they can made from that special order...  
International Audio Group (E-mail, phone (254) 699-8702) looks like they can make you almost anything you want ("...boards can be ordered in any configuration...furnish a diagram...") The ad in the March issue of Glass Audio magazine shows some nice-looking FR4 epoxy laminate turret boards with and without tube socket holes - they also show two boards that look really narrow, like maybe 1/2" or so.  
Ray Ivers  
R.A.G.E. Electronics
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