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weird paint idea

10/18/2000 12:19 AM
Ed G
weird paint idea
Here's a cool, weird idea I had for a paint job. Know how those cheap jap strats have a "photo" flame maple finish? It's just some kind of fake veneer, probably like a wallpaper, applied to the wood and then finished over. How about a pedal with a flame maple finish, then airbrush a "sunburst" around the edges of the pedal?  
Am I weird, or does anyone think that'd look cool?
10/18/2000 12:59 AM

I think its a good idea!I once built a pedal inside one of those aluminum project boxes from Radio Shack,and I never was happy with the way it looked,so I went to Lowes and bought some maple and and walnut veneer and cut and glued alternate colored pieces and finished it with nitrocellulose laquer,and it turned out great.Cant wait to try the sunburst idea.I have been buying those little wooden boxes from Walmarts hobby dept.lately and covering them with brass and copper for pedal enclosures and small amps.
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