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Line 6 Distortion Modeler quick review

10/10/2000 10:56 PM
Line 6 Distortion Modeler quick review
I finally got to try one out.  
OK, you guys know me, anything that distorts I like pretty much. Therefore, I like the distortion modeler too.  
I had the sense that these were "idealized" versions of our pedals rather than exact copies.  
The standouts that I liked:  
The booster/compressor was nice. I don't know if it was modeling a dyna comp or orange squeezer, but it gave a Mexican made Strat a nice jazzy tone with nice compression.  
The Fuzz Face had tremendous drive and was warm and full.  
The Line 6 distortion model is outrageous. Full-tilt distortion with endless sustain! I liked it.  
The Octavia was great. It sounded like an idealized version with more control and warmer sound.  
The "Blue BOx" or whatever it was octave lower was great. Too perfect I think.  
The not so good:  
The Tube Screamer seemed lifeless to me - even more so than the real thing :-)  
The Big Muff sounded so close to my homemade one with asymmetrical clipping that I was amazed (I just don't happen to like that one as much as my others).  
The Jumbo Tone Bender didn't sound quite as good as my own.  
Actually most of the germanium modeled ones didn't seem as good as my homemade ones.  
The Tube Driver - while sounding good, didn't come close to my Tube Driver with a Mullard in it. I think they modeled it after the version with the Chinese Tube in it :-) hehehehe  
Overall, a nice pedal - not sure about the price - but most people should love it.  
The color is a weird gold thing.... Seems like it's not gonna look good after a few gigs.  
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