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univibe pwer questions

8/12/2000 7:02 PM
univibe pwer questions
Well i am finallyu gonna start on my vibe clone with the RTS board from goefex.  
I have some questions though  
IT says to use a wall wart for the power supply but i was wondering if i can use a transformaer and wire it inside the enclosure and have a normal 2 or 3 prong cord.  
What transormer can i use?(mouser stock number?)  
How do i wire and do i have to run the transforer through anything.  
my second question is how do i wire the borad for the power?  
IT says do not groung either side, do this mean run positive into both sides or what? I am unclear of what to do  
thanks for all the help
8/12/2000 9:38 PM
Morgan, this is not meant as criticism but rather is a deeply founded concern for your health. You need someone experienced in wiring AC power to help you through wiring this up. AC power in the box can be deadly with simple wiring mistakes.  
Yes, it is possible to do what you describe. Any transformer with 15-20VAC at 60ma or more will work, so think small and cheap. The wiring to the board is trivial - just take the two wires from the secondary and wire them directly into the two pad in the board. No rectifiers, no filters or anything else off the board. It's designed to take the transformer secondary directly, pure AC, which is why the instruction say not to ground either side.  
But please, please don't try to do the primary AC wiring without help. And please do consider using a wall wart - it completely removes many safety problems.
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8/12/2000 9:59 PM
ok i think i will use a wall wart until i get someone to help me wire the transformer  
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