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tiny little amps/opamp selection

8/9/2000 2:44 PM
tiny little amps/opamp selection
howdy! beginner foo' here. getting ready to build myself a little low-wattage SS "head" based on the Sm*k*y circuit.  
the Sm*k*y uses a 386, and pretty much looks exactly like the Cyber Man power amp circuit that was being discussed a day or so ago in here. i'd like more power than a quarter-watt, and i noted suggestions for the LM380 and a handful of others as higher-powered replacements for the 386, but even the 5w 380 wants at least 10V.  
i'd like to be able to run my "head" off a single 9V cell. are there any other direct substitutes that i could plug in the spot of the 386 to inject a little more cleanliness into my filthy, filthy lifestyle?  
8/9/2000 3:00 PM
Mark Hammer

I built a little practice amp for a friend's kid with a 386, and damn that thing is loud. I'm serious. Give it a decent cabinet, efficient speaker, solid power (I used 8 AA's) and a fuzzbox, and you'll have the neighbours complaining very quickly (make sure to heat sink it).  
If you want to run it off a 9v battery, though, I think you'll have to be content with modest power. There is only so much current that even the best 9v battery can deliver.  
Trust me, if there was a way to have a *loud*, powerful, clean practice amp that ran off a 9v, you'd see them everywhere. But you don't, do you?
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8/9/2000 4:29 PM

well, 8 AAs are a little excessive... i want to put this thing into a stompbox-sized package, and not be spending twice as much on batteries every week as i spent for the initial component outlay. :)  
how about running this beast off a DC power supply? it seems that a 12v adapter would be a nice, permanent, less-annoying concession to the power-consumption gods. and a switchable-voltage adapter would allow me to "increase distortion" in a most primitive fashion... or would it? (at times, i could see the smokey's manganese-9V raunch coming in quite handy.)
8/10/2000 12:39 PM
The biggest problem to getting the  
big sound you want is the tiny enclosure  
you want to use. As noted above, the 386  
chip in the Lil Smokey can put out a lot  
of volume with a bigger enclosure + an  
efficient speaker + enough juice.  
The best compromise I have had on better  
volume from a smaller enclosure was  
mounting a 4 inch speaker (from Mouser electronics ) in the end of a coffee can that held two 9 volt batteries and a 1 watt power amp (analog devices).
8/9/2000 11:23 PM

NS and TI? make 1watt power amps that work at 5vs and high eff for sound output in computers etc. I think the NS line is called Boomers? look in EET etc the EEmags that have the ads for samples
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