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Problem with sweet thing

8/1/2000 12:33 AM
Problem with sweet thing
Ok when i crank the Drive pot on it i get a squeal that changes pitch as i turn it up.  
It only goes away when the drive know is turned down very low.  
Any help?  
Morgan miller
8/1/2000 4:17 AM
Ed Guidry

the sweet thing has a lot of gain. Make sure your input and output wires are short and away from each other, that includes the wires to the switch.  
You may want to check Doug's new mods to the pedal, he lists a way to decrease the oscillations by putting a small cap between r14 and r15 to ground, because his mods actually increases the overall gain to his pedal.
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8/2/2000 12:37 PM

Oscillation has been an ongoing issue with this pedal. Aron says he has corrected all the osc problems with his Booster2.5's by tweaking his wiring-making sure the input and output wires are as far away from each other and as short as possible.  
If that doesn't work, try the capacitor trick on my site:  
Scroll down to the "new & improved" Sweet Thing and check the note on the schematic. Putting a cap to ground in front of the follower seems to help.  
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