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Re: Carling alternatives

7/21/2000 9:42 PM
R.G. Re: Carling alternatives
Yeah, that would be nice.  
I can't make them that small yet, but what I did do is make them with a 1/2" hole in the middle of the board. The board is entirely one sided, no traces or parts on the bare side, so you just stick the board on the bushing of the switch with the bare side up, stick the switch through the hole in the box, and put the nut on the switch bushing from the outside.  
The board goes flat against the box top, held on by the switch itself, and taking up almost no box room. All the wiring is to pads on the top of the board.  
Works with any momentary switch that can mount in a hole up to 1/2" big. The board is about 2.4" wide by 1.3" high, at least using normal non-SMD parts. I'm making up a few, and if it works well, I'll offer PCB's and maybe kits or whole units. If there's enough demand, I could get them made up in 100's at a local custom manufacturer.  
There are definitely PCB mount SPST momentary switches, but that puts the board down in the way of battery and wiring. I was hoping to make the switch board be out of the way on the top of the box.
7/21/2000 10:17 PM

I love your idea, it's better than what I said.  
Please do it! Please offer them as SMD fully populated. We can connect the switch to the board but the SMD would be a hassle to try and do...  
7/22/2000 1:39 PM
paul perry

Here's an 'alternative' alternative: have a physical assembly that pushes down & locks in place, and the next time you push down, it comes up (you see this sort of thing in places like typewriter shift keys). Then by placing magnets on the moving shaft, you can turn reed relays on & off as the assembly changes place. The old 'dip switches' on cars did this too.. you could tell if it was on or off by whether the footswich was up or down, as a bonus.
7/22/2000 2:10 PM

some older monitors have switches like that problem is that they break very easy.
7/22/2000 2:22 PM
Eric H

"Here's an 'alternative' alternative: have a physical assembly that pushes down & locks in place, and the next time you push down, it comes up"
Paul, this is what always comes to mind when someone mentions "latching" switches --these used to be everywhere, stereos etc. I'm referring to the ones with a plastic shaft through the center, and pcb pins on the side.  
I can buy these surplus (up to 4pdt) but they're very long, and would require a fairly complicated mechanism, if they were mounted horizontally.  
I can get those reed switches too (the simple ones in a glass tube?) It seems as if a tpdt using those would be quite a Goldbergian assembly.  
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