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guitar thru keyboard amp

7/6/2000 1:14 AM
guitar thru keyboard amp
I've been playing guitar into thru a TS (actually a UE-300) then a mini-booster into a little tube vibrochamp, and keyboards into a solid state crate in my basement "studio".  
But when I play out I really don't want to lug two amps. I'd like to just take the crate, and yet get some guitar mojo going. Should I -- 1. run a POD into the Crate -- 2. Run a Sweet Thing into the Crate -- 3. Run a SBIII into the Orman mini-tubes then the Crate -- 4. (your suggestion here) -- take the Champ.
7/6/2000 4:47 PM

Try playing your guitar through a distortion (your favorite) then into the marshall speaker simulator then into the Crate. That should give you a decent tone.
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