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AMZ Sixties Fuzz questions...

6/2/2000 6:51 PM
AMZ Sixties Fuzz questions...
About that 'Sixties Fuzz' that AMZ had up.  
Found the SK3020 transistor at Mouser but...  
That SK3005 transistor:  
  • Where can it be found?  
  • Any decent subs?  
  • Something special about these Xstr's?  
  • Anybody build one of these pedals?  
  • How does it sound?
Sorry I'm all questions but you guys are awful good at this stuff.  
- synthbum
6/4/2000 7:40 PM
Synthbum Re: AMZ Sixties Fuzz questions... once more
Does ANYONE here have any answers?  
Sure would appreciate some.  
Sorry to bother you guys again about it.  
Thanks !  
6/4/2000 8:39 PM

In my common beginner questions page, there are replacement transistors listed for both germanium and silicon NPN and PNP transistors.  
You can try those. I doubt most people have built this circuit.
6/5/2000 7:29 PM

I built on using 2n390x transistors. Kind of cool very square wave gate type. This was awile ago I ended up taking it apart
6/5/2000 8:34 PM
Re: AMZ Sixties Fuzz questions...
Thanks much! I was wondering why an uncommon transistor was specified for a newer design. Like maybe these SK30XX had some special characteristics or something. I figured plain old NPN Si's should work but thought I'd best check.  
Thanks again!
6/7/2000 4:43 PM
Synthbum AMZ Sixties Fuzz... found out.
Okay - If anyone else decides to try one, they'll want to know. That obscure SK3005 (Q2) is PNP Ge, not specified as such on the AMZ schematic (currently unavailable). The SK3020's (Q1 & Q3) are NPN Si small signal, available from Mouser.  
No designer here but I expect the Ge transistor at Q2 is there for it's distortion characteristics.  
Both transistors indicated are Harris manufacture. Looked them up using FLIS, the Federal Logistics Information System, a DOD CDROM database used where I work. Plenty technical specs listed but not hfe.  
Just a little FYI.  
- synthbum
6/7/2000 5:11 PM

If you build it you might want to change the input buffer a bit. I would start with a .01 input cap, 470k b to +9v, 1meg b to ground, the rest the same. IMO this is a better buffer setup using 9v. I would use any NPN low noise Si transistor >200hfe for the buffer.
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