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Dyna Comp or Micro Amp

6/2/2000 3:45 AM
cliff Dyna Comp or Micro Amp
Are the DC or MA pretty right on to the real thing?  
I was thinking of building both but I wanted to get someone elses opinion on the sound. thanks.
6/2/2000 4:35 AM

I'm not sure of your question. The Dyna-Comp is one of the early compressors, perhaps not the best but the classic standard to which others would be compared.  
The Micro-Amp is just a signal booster, with a certain "coloration" to the tone. I can't even play now without going through a MA. It is the basic part of my rig. I've built several and one was especially magical(don't know why). Since it is easier, I'd start with the MA. I'd probably just buy the Dyna-Comp.
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6/2/2000 5:13 AM
Do several Micro Amps in a series progress the loudness?
6/2/2000 9:43 AM

I use one Micro-Amp to goose the input on my solid state Fender reverb unit.(something's not quite right with mine-doesn't have as much gain as others I've tried). The other is right at the beginning of my signal chain. It's the one I use for actual boosts for solos and bringing up the levels of a couple guitars that have super low output pickups.  
You could chain several together but I think you'd get a lot of noise and some (probably not great sounding) distortion...who knows?  
And finally... I've tried the LPB, the J-Fet Coloration circuit, the DOD Fet Preamp, and a few others of my own, but I still go back to the Micro-Amp.
6/2/2000 5:48 PM

Can you describe how it "colors" your sound? This is one of the circuits I wanted to buy - because Scott Henderson used to use it. I never built one because it didn't look _that_ interesting and I heard it is noisy.  
I know it is popular though.
6/3/2000 10:45 AM

The Micro Amp tends to emphasize high mids and adds more crispy high end. I suspect that a good portion of the high end boost is simply due to the impedance change. I almost NEVER turn mine up to full gain, it does get a little harsh sounding. It's not a difficult circuit. I would highly recommend it.
6/3/2000 7:48 PM

It looks so easy to build, I may try it. I have so many boosters already :-)  
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