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Son of Screamer Question/Problem

5/29/2000 12:14 AM
Son of Screamer Question/Problem
I just built my second s-o-s, since the first got scooped up by a friend. (As an aside, does anyone else find that friends glomming up pedals you make is BETTER than money? I know they wouldn't wangle for it if it wasn't cool...)  
Anyway, on #2 I had to use a 50k tone pot, since I can't seem to find any 25k s around. I also initially used the .1uf C4 mod Jack discusses in his notes. Problem is I get a terrible hiss with the gain and volume at 10 and the tone above about 9. The hiss varies in both volume and freq. with movement of the tone knob. Changing from brighter to darker pickups also changes the tone of the hiss.  
Thinking the larger pot might be just too big, I put the .22uf cap from the schematic in C4. It MAY have helped, but the hiss is still very present.  
Any ideas on the cause/remedy?  
5/29/2000 4:03 AM
I couldn't guess, but I was thinking of making that my next project. How hard was it to build? Which tube screamer does it compare to?
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5/29/2000 2:55 PM

Well, sometimes they hiss... ; / ]  
No, it's not too hard to build, considering I'm a rank beginner and all thumbs and I can put one together.  
As far as comparing it to an Ibanez TS, I don't think I can help much, since I can't A/B it with anything specific. I can say that my impression is that it has a bit more gain than a "regular" ts9, with a bit more granularity to the distortion. Of course, various diodes could change that in an instant.  
5/30/2000 12:25 AM
I am a total beginner too. I am looking for something tube screamer-ish, I think I'll try the SOS. Which op-amp did you use?
5/30/2000 3:34 AM

Just use the JRC4558, 22 cents from Mouser.  
5/31/2000 1:18 AM

The SOS should be easier to build than an TS9 or TS808, because I think it's a simplified version (it's missing the input and output buffer transistors). But apparently the input buffers don't really colour the sound that much.  
As for op-amps, as anyone heard of or listened to an LM4558? They've got a few here in Australia which I though I might pick up a couple and see if they sound similar to others.  
TL072's should sound okay in here too, as is indicated on the circuit. The LM833 should give a bit better performance in the noise department. All of these opamps are interchangable. Slot in a couple and see if you can heard a difference.  
5/31/2000 11:00 AM
Maybe I should just build a TS808 or TS9? I think I have the schematics somewhere...
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