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All tube hi-gain distortion pedal

10/11/2000 2:02 PM
All tube hi-gain distortion pedal
is there a thing like that out there? I'd like to see a schematic, of course. At least 4 gainstages, more like a preamp, but just one hi-gain channel and maybe clean, no crunch needed. I want distortion in the metal zone range, but all tube. Are the diodes in the v-twin really so bad? Are there some sound samples? Here it is impossible to try mesa stuff out, as they sell it by orders only, and it takes at least six months to get yours, not talking about the price!!!!. Or some decent almost tube-like sounding ss pedal, voiced like crate Gx900H for example.  
Any opinions welcome!  
10/11/2000 2:21 PM

Build a Matchless hotbox, replace the plate resistors with 100k-110k, and either add a midrange pot or a switch setup to put some girth in the bottom end, and it'll sound great. Make sure you have some good tubes, though.
10/11/2000 2:32 PM

don't know if this meets all of your qualifications but an Ibanez Tube King with a Sovtek 12AX7WA in it is brutal on high gain.  
10/11/2000 6:58 PM

I just ordered a Soldano supercharger pedal and I talked to the tech at Soldano before i ordered it. I told him I was looking something that delivered good authentic 70's hard rock sounds and modern high gain sounds. he said it was definately a hi gain pedal. he went on to tell me that all four tube stages are gain stages and it used no cathode follower stage. I used to own a Matchless Dirtbox and it did not have enough gain for me, I think it was probabaly due to the fact that the last tube stage is configured as a cathode follower and thus has no gain. I have heard reports that the Soldano blows away the V-twin in side-by side tests, which was another pedal I was considering. I will let you know how it sounds when I get it.  
P.S. I have also heard a lot of good things about the tonebone pedals. they say that the "hot-british" one can get close to metal zone teritory. they have a 12ax7 in them but, it is not ran at real amp voltages. they have a bunch of voicing options on them though.
10/11/2000 9:02 PM

Jack's Mini-Tubes! Drives the front end of your tube amp real nice. Tons of gain when cranked.  
Take care, Jered
10/12/2000 1:46 PM

Thanks for opinions.  
I was considering minitubes, the hotbox, moddded 2203 marshall preamp and a few mesa or soldano preamps, including the v-twin. How different is the tube king from the tube driver?  
PS:The worst thing is, that i don't know, which to choose.
10/12/2000 5:09 PM

"PS:The worst thing is, that i don't know, which to choose."  
ah... isn't that the curse of all of this though?  
"How different is the tube king from the tube driver?"  
I can't say for sure since I haven't done a side by side comparison. However, I does say on the PCB of the TK that it was designed by B.K. Butler who also designed the original Tube Drivers. Also, its known that there was a law suite between Ibanez and Tubeworks over patent infringement on the Tube Driver design.  
There's a guy here in Dallas that owned both units that told me that they were very similar in character but the TK has a more versitile EQ... 3-way) vs. 2-way on the Chandler.  
My experience with the TK is that the tone controls are very active... especially the midrange control. Also, the tube that's used makes a huge difference in the way the pedal sounds.  
I was amazed at difference in gain and tone with the different tubes.  
FWIW, I ended up settling on a Sovtek 12AX7WA which to my ears offered the widest range of gain and seems to work well with the pedal. I can crank the gain all the way up and back off on my guitar volume and it'll clean up pretty decent. Also, the TK does some tube like compression at high gain / distortion settings in a very musical way.  
AND, I've seen TK's going for as low as $80 on the used market and really that's a pretty decent price for a pedal in this class.  
Just my .02 and 1/2.  
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