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Mastro Sample and Hold - how does it sounds ?

9/30/2000 8:53 PM
Mastro Sample and Hold - how does it sounds ?
Hi all. I`m looking for Maestro Filter Sample/Hold sound samples . If you know the place in the web , or some other examples (recordings) - let me know . If you heard this effect - how does it sounds like ? Is it a kind of autowah or something like that ? Every help would be very appreciated .  
10/1/2000 12:06 AM

I have not seen any samples of the Maestro S/H filter, but there's this:  
According to Art Thompson's book Stompbox,  
The Oberheim VCF is (probably) the same as the "S/H Filters" that Oberheim sold to Norlin (Maestro's parent company). Oberheim later marketed these as the VCF after Maestro gave up the ghost.  
The Maestro S/H filter is unGODly expensive these days.
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10/10/2000 10:14 AM
hi if u want to listen to a demo or know what the maestro sample filter hold sounds like, then listen to a copy of "The Chemicals Between us " by BUSH. Its the first guitar sound u hear, and its used all through the song.
10/1/2000 6:53 AM

Check out my sound sample on my (new???) NBC page. When did NBC buy XOOM?  
I love my Oberheim Sample/Hold VCF.  
Yes, it's like an auto-wah, but also has sample and hold.  
The box is awesome looking too!
10/1/2000 6:20 PM
Anyone have a schematic?
10/2/2000 6:10 AM
JD Sleep

The schematic is on my site.  
This was drawn from a factory schematic and I have corrected a couple of mistakes on the schematic. However, it has been agreed by the experts here that there is at least one connection error missing in the filter section on the schematic.  
I haven't had time to breadboard it and find the missing connection. I was hoping that someday, Aron would trace thru his unit against the schematic and set us straight on this project (and give me some hints on the layout) :) I'm pretty sure his oberhiem is the same as the maestro.  
Also, Aron has posted the Maestro Universal Synth that has a variation of this circuit included. This might provide a clue to the schematic mistake.  
10/10/2000 4:57 AM

I noticed tonight that Junkyard guitars (they have a site) has one for $575, I think. I got mine for much less, but they are almost impossible to find.
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