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BOSS RV3 delay/reverb & NS2 pedals? ANY GOOD?

9/3/2000 10:45 PM
HOMER BOSS RV3 delay/reverb & NS2 pedals? ANY GOOD?
i am considering purchasing these 2 pedals and  
need some opinions. I currently own a boss  
dd3 digital delay which i love.. but i  
need a reverb unit. i want to know If the rv3  
offers the same delay as a dd3 and has great  
9/4/2000 7:07 PM
Lee M.

I've got an RV-3 and I think it's a very good pedal. I like the delay better than the DOD unit I had and the reverb is just fine (it's no Fender reverb but what is?). It's got about 12 different settings for delay only, delay + reverb, reverb only so has lots of flexibility. You can usually get them on Ebay for less than $100.  
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