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Fuzz Face - without the Face

8/21/2000 8:40 PM
Man o'Blues Fuzz Face - without the Face
I like the fuzz face, but its too bulky to carry around and would take up too much space on a pedal board. Does anyone make a copy of this pedal (exact same circuitry) but in a smaller box?  
Thanks in advance for any replies.
8/21/2000 8:55 PM

I bet you can find a good one at the GEO site, if not R.G. may have some good suggestions as to building one. Or, you could buy one and put it into a BUD box. I've done that one, and it works fine.
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8/22/2000 12:44 AM
Frank Clarke

PNP or NPN?.  
I have an excellent PE Face Lift which has one extra component to the PNP. They do an NPN version.  
Other ideas:  
8/22/2000 2:34 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

You may want to look at my Bear Face:  
8/22/2000 2:51 AM
....or just get a used reissue (they do sound good), get a hammond 1590B box, do some drilling, and move the parts into the new box. Not a bad idea when you consider that it will still cost a fraction as much as a boutique box. AFAIK, Fulltone uses the same transistors as the Dunlop reissues.  
8/23/2000 3:16 AM
Daniel R. Haney

Gord wrote:  
"AFAIK, Fulltone uses the same transistors as the Dunlop reissues."
Not quite. Fuller does the same thing we do - sift moldy PNP germaniums for low leakage and the right gain spread.  
The Dunlops use unknowns rebranded as NKT-275 and will be happy to sell them to you for $40/pair, i.e., they don't want to sell them to you.  
Between Steve Daniels, RG, and friends, we can all toss together a dynamite FF clone without any help from Dunlop.  
8/23/2000 2:59 AM

I probably could get the circuitlry into a smaller box if you sent me the schematic.
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