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Wanted LOVETONE schematics

8/9/2000 8:32 PM
Wanted LOVETONE schematics
Can anyone help me find a schematic for the Lovetone  
BIG CHEESE, or other Lovetone schems?  
8/11/2000 6:27 AM
If the consensus votes yes, I'll trace out the Big Cheese and attempt Meatball and Doppelganger. I lost all faith with the naming of the new flanger(Des Res). The name sucks!
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8/11/2000 1:57 PM
The consensus votes yes.  
Seriously- I've seen people state that although they have traced some lovetones, they would not post them out of respect for the company.  
Ok- lovetone makes fantastic pedals. I have two.  
However- they are not reliable. They are ridiculously expensive. $400+ a pedal? Direct from the company?! C'mon! It better work, dammit!  
Given the relative complexity of their pedals, there aren't even that many people here that could make them.  
I just can't feel bad for them.  
Post them. please.  
Have you tried racing them before? The real genius of the pedal design is that you must remove everything to get to the pcb. I tried this on my Big Cheese. I had to remove all the jacks, pots, the stompswitch, and even the ac adapter just remove the pcb. Unbelievable. Even then, I was unable to trace the effect. The IC has a little red sticker over the name. I was too shy to remove it. I saw a few parts I had never seen before. They were shaped exactly like a resistor, yet were tan, and had a single black stripe. What the hell was that?  
There was one silicon and one germanium diode. All three of the transistors were silicon bc549c.  
The non-electrolytic caps were impossible to read in the lighting I had. There were about 4 electros, with values of 47uf or so.  
I gave up. I was just glad it worked when I put it back together.  
I can't imagine how difficult it would be dismantling the bigger pedals.
8/11/2000 2:47 PM

"I saw a few parts I had never seen before. They were shaped exactly like a resistor, yet were tan, and had a single black stripe. What the hell was that?"
it's a zero ohm resistor more commonly known as a jumper.  
8/11/2000 2:59 PM

I reveresed the brown sourse, big cheese and two zvex's and some others. I disagree on the price and reliable I only fixed 1 an older meatball that had a bad switch it had been dropped. The parts are all good quailty the IC are sanded easy to quess on the big cheese I think they are a fet input the brown sourse Bipolar. If you price parts custom case that I like,good switches,good paint and artwork,good voicing the tone control is very well designed as well as the Fuzz section. Also why are no big effect makers building cool effects like this. I do not think it is agood idea to post them why give it away feel to people who don't understand but will copy and make money calling it there own design. I "see" and hear time and work in the above effects. FWIW one friend has almost all of the lovetone effects The ringer stinger is a very cool one lots of people I know use the meatball. The tan thing is a jumper made for auto insertion the diode is Si on the one I traced. I don't think any lovetone or Zvex should be posted they are different in a 0cool way I you want the schematic to copy buy one and DIY.  
To me they are easy to work on and take apart work on a mutron or some old EH stuff
8/11/2000 3:53 PM
Ian Anderson

My vote is to post them - I'd love to see how they do what they do (if that makes any sense).  
The Brown Sauce and Big Cheese are both great sounding pedals, but lets face it - they are way overpriced!  
... Ian
8/11/2000 5:53 PM
Mark Hammer

Hmmm....Brown Sauce and Big Cheese? If Danelectro had a mini-pedal called the French Fry, we could put these in a rack and call it the "Poutine". :) (Little Canadian joke there)  
Seriously, though, these guys make distinctive pedals. Let them make a bit of money and pay their employees and bank before you start undermining their revenue base by posting schematics willy-nilly. If they seem overpriced it's because that's what you have to charge when you make a quality product for a select market on a small scale. How many of these do you think they sell in a week and what do you think they owe to all their creditors?  
I wouldn't mind having some general idea of the core technology so I could say "Here's a good example of what you can do using X", but their unattainability for me does not entitle me to know their secrets.
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