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Good Distortion Box?

7/14/2000 7:01 AM
Good Distortion Box?
Looking for a good distortion box without the nasal sound that most of them have, any ideas maybe theres something out there i can build my self???? or buy??? I've owned lots of distortion boxes and really never have found one i liked, anyone else have this problem? BB
7/14/2000 8:53 AM

You sound a lot like I was; searching for the right pedal.  
You may want to consider making your own or tweaking what you do have.  
Check out my web page:  
and check out the forum if you have questions.  
Good Luck!  
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7/14/2000 9:18 AM

I have the opposite problem...I like them all. Why is that a problem? I never know which one I should be using :)  
I once heard that Thelonious Monk (jazz pianist) liked to play pianos that were way out of tune or had keys that didn't work, just to play with it until he could make it sound good. I'm no Monk, but I think its an interesting perspective relating to fuzz/distortion. I have a Dunlop Vox Tonebender reissue, ugliest fuzz you ever heard, but I can't bring myself to rebuild it. Someday I might need just that sound!  
Way off subject, but I couldn't help but post.  
BTW - do you consider a BMP to be nasal?  
7/14/2000 12:18 PM

Me and JD think alike! Nothing is the best for everything, but the most unlikely think you can find to plug the most unlikely combinations...into the most unlikely amp...might be just what the tune is begging for.'s hard to take ALL your toys on stage with most people need a good compromise.  
7/14/2000 11:33 PM
Frank Clarke

I never met a fuzzbox I didn't like :).
7/15/2000 3:59 AM
Eric H

"I never met a fuzzbox I didn't like :)."
Apparently you haven't met my ex-wife.
7/14/2000 12:22 PM

It always depends on the tone you want  
EVH/SRV Hendrix or Pantera-all different  
What sort of guitar and amp setup do you have?
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