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Rusty Nuts...

5/13/2000 4:17 PM
Ian Anderson
Rusty Nuts...
The nut on the 'rate' pot of my EH Electric Mistres is rusted on solid. I've tried WD40 to loosen it off for over a week now and it won't move.  
Any other suggestions?  
Thanks... Ian
5/13/2000 5:58 PM
try liquid wrench, similar but slightly  
more effective.
5/13/2000 6:02 PM

I agree. That stuff is amazing.
5/13/2000 6:55 PM

best stuff I have used Koil. I don't Know were to buy it.
5/15/2000 3:56 PM

I think Gus means stuff named "Kroil". It's an industrial penetrant from (I hope this is right) Kano Laboratories. It comes in a cans with an orange label, and is only available in gallon containers or case quantities of spray cans. It does work much better than any consumer grade stuff I've tried, including WD40, CRC, and Liquid Wrench. They also offer a premium grade, called SiliKroil, which has silicone added to regular Kroil. It creeps in anywhere.  
Actually, automotive transmission fluid (that red oil) is a pretty good penetrating oil. There is another juice available at auto parts stores, called PB Blaster. This stuff works great (I use it on stubborn shock absorber nuts), but comes out of the can in a forceful jet. Better to spray a little in a small container and transfer it with a small diameter drink mixing straw using capillary action, by dipping one end of the straw, then capping the other tip with your finger and letting off when the straw is positioned over the rusty joint.  
One thing you might try is remove as much rust as possible by careful mechanical means first. Use a tiny wire brush, the ones that are about the size of a toothbrush. With all the large oxide flakes removed, the penetrating oil can get right down to the actual joint.  
Don't bugger up the nut with the wrong tool, like pliers. Use a proper socket, either a nutdriver or a 1/4" drive ratchet set. Also, these penetrants take time to flow in and dissolve rust. Wait a day and then go back with the wrench.
5/15/2000 4:50 PM

Yeah... that PB Blaster stuff is the SH*T!!! I can get it at my local wal-mart when they're not sold out!!! I've yet to find anything that comes close to this stuff... find a can and read what the label says... amazing! -Jeremy
5/14/2000 10:37 AM
JD Sleep

If you have a knob puller or some such rig that will fit on the INSIDE the enclosure under the pot, just pull the pot out, or disassemble the pot, from the back. Don't know if that will work on this particular pot, with some pots the shaft will pullout *fairly* easily. Of course the pot will be ruined, if it's that rusty you probably don't care.  
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