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Soldano Distortion box new at namm

4/25/2000 5:37 PM
Soldano Distortion box new at namm
If any one happens to buy the new Soldano tube distortion foot pedal, Please reverse engineer it and post it on here, I heard its supposed to be real good sounding box. Also Mesa just put out a new Distortion tube pedal as well. Thanks.
4/26/2000 4:00 AM
Mark Hammer

There is a diversity of opinion, as with anything, but the general etiquette here is that folks try to let the developer recoup their R&D and production costs before any trade secrets are deliberately leaked, ESPECIALLY (though not only) if the manufacturer is a "boutique" source (these folks work closer to the bone). The only noteworthy exceptions to this might be when a boutique pedal simply resurrects a vintage design, or uses hand selected components to get tonal bliss with a stock/textbook design. If a new design has a good idea, that might also be noted here, but generally not a full schematic.  
There are legal reasons for doing so, but this site also has enough folks who have have watched their own great ideas go virtually public domain before they even made penny one, so I think you are unlikely to find what you seek here, simply out of respect and empathy for what goes into the boutique-makers trade.  
This is not a reprimand, merely a gentle way of noting the reasons why you will quite probably wait a long time for the desired information. Your query suggests you're new around here, so let me be the welcome wagon. Welcome! Even where you won't get access to the specific technical info you want, you'll be sure to learn (and eventually teach) a thing or two of use. Most visitors come away happy. I know *I* always do. The collective ethical code I alluded to is part of what sustains this place....sometimes against all odds.  
With any luck (hint hint), this will be the last note of its kind on this thread.
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4/26/2000 9:38 AM
paul perry

Well, I have to agree with Mark's comments... but, what I would like to see, is people who have heard new (or old!) boxes, saying what they like about them, and how they sound. I'm always happy to suggest ways that people might produce a particular effect. What annoys me, is when people say a box is 'fantastic' but cant describe what it does!
4/26/2000 1:07 PM

Your point well taken, Thanks.
4/26/2000 2:12 PM

There is a thread going on at Aron's site like this. Of course your response is better written than mine. You might want to take a look, alot of the people who are here also post/lurk there.
4/26/2000 10:25 PM
Ed Rembold

Well stated indeed!  
High fives all around, Ed R.
5/1/2000 5:38 PM
Sorry to any one that might have been offended. Im not out to rip off some ones design, I mearly wanted to build myself a nice tube stomp box. So instead of asking for the schems on these pedals how about any comments on how they sound? I might want to buy one to enjoy the nice tube stomp box sounds. Thanks  
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