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How much are JRC4558D's worth?

4/10/2000 6:00 PM
tom brown
How much are JRC4558D's worth?
I've got an old Ibanez programmable distortion from the 80's (PDS1) that I was trying to sell... took it apart to have a peek and it's got FIVE JRC4558D's in it. How much are these worth? I know there are new 4558's that sell at newsensor for like $0.75, but how much are "vintage" ones worth? I'm wondering if I would be better off cannibalizing it for the op amps than selling it.  
Also, there is a watch battery in the pedal that keeps the preset memory, and I think it needs to be replaced. It's soldered in, and I don't see a product ID on it. Anybody know what kind of watch/calculator battery I would need to replace this one?  
4/10/2000 7:44 PM
Mark Hammer

I'm sure they're worth a fortune to an idiot, and if you are willing to wait long enough, one will eventually come around. To any market that extends beyond that narrow group, however, they are worth about 75 cents.  
Some things - like wood, or magnets - can change over time, and it's obviously very difficult to accurately simulate what happens to those materials with age. So, they gain in value. Some things become become more difficult to obtain over time, because the raw materials for producing them are rarer, because the legal/environmental contraints within which they are produced have become stricter, or because the demand isn't big enough to warrant tooling up again. They become valuable too. Other things simply stop being made for a while, but could easily be made again in identical fashion when the demand warrants. For whatever reasons, the JRC4558D is back in town, and worth exactly what it was worth before it left the city limits last time. Unless you are dissatisfied with the noise or bandwidth characteristics of the existing chips, save yourself some headaches and leave them in. The legendary commercial unit they were part of (TS-808/TS-9) has some collectible value in its intact form, but at this point the component itself is only worth its current market value. The large sums of money that people charge for installing one is more a reflection of bench time and client demand (few clients, but they want it a lot) than sheer component value.  
As for batteries, most decent battery kiosks in shopping malls (and most Radio Shacks, for that matter) could probably identify a reasonable replacement for you. All it has to do is supply the right voltage (probably 3v, given the era), and fit the slot provided. It is unlikely that current delivery capability is an issue since these are for low power conditions (memory backup).
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4/10/2000 8:03 PM
tom brown

Thanks for the reply Mark!  
4/11/2000 1:08 AM
John S.
Re: How much are JRC4558D's worth?"HYPE"
Mouser Electronics now sells these chips again under the numbering of NJM 4558 D....Thanks to Mark Hammer I purchased some of these! To be quite honest,I don't hear any difference in my TS9's tone with the new JRC 4558 D compared to an original one that I have....The numbers of when the chips were made are different,but the pedal's tone is the same.There is an awful lot of JRC 4558 hype going on out there in an effort to sell TS9,TS10,and TS5 mods to the TS808.....My 2 pennies on the "hype" John S.
4/11/2000 3:48 AM
The ts 7 has a jrc4558 stock
4/11/2000 10:48 AM
John S.

Yes it does,and I hear this pedal doesn't sound too bad,though I need to listen to it....John S
4/11/2000 8:11 PM
replace some of the junk parts and it is great. FWIW it also has a hot switch with is very cool with good parts in the petal.
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