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Boss Super overdrive SD-1

4/4/2000 8:26 AM
Boss Super overdrive SD-1
Here is a good question to some one familar with this pedal. I have a old SD-1 and want to increase the bass responce and gain in this pedal. Any one have any good mods to share? Thanks.  
4/4/2000 11:30 AM

Most mods for the Tube Screamer also apply to the Super Overdriver, as the circuits are very similar. Take a look at  
for a schematic of the Super OD and then take a look at for some TS mods.  
PS. The fat screamer on Plate to Plate will also work with the Super OD.
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4/5/2000 6:32 AM

is the SD-1 a pretty satisfying pedal as is?
(just bought one off internet)
thanks, bill
4/5/2000 11:42 AM

I like it.
4/5/2000 6:09 PM
Jeff S

I bought my SD-1 used, probably 8 years ago (it was my first stompbox). It's a very useful pedal when you need drive and/or light unobtrussive distortion. I often run it with my Boss CS-3 (compression/sustain), Big Muff, and Boss CE-3 (chorus)to get good huge singing tone (ie, Dave Gilmour). By itself, it's good for naturalistic and thin tones. It doesnt alter the integrety of your guitar's tonal character. Very versitile. I've never had a single problem with mine, and its old and well abused (I dont baby my gear!). Definitly recommended. Take care.  
Jeff S.
4/6/2000 7:56 AM

I think you might try the OD-3, that  
is exactly what you´re looking for.  
Think of it as a SD-1 with MUCHO bass  
and 20% more gain. I have both and  
now I use the SD-1 as a booster for soloing.  
I think this is an easier solution than  
messing with your pedal
4/7/2000 6:12 AM
Jim Radmer

I too uses the SD-1 for solo boost with gain set at about 1/3 and volume boost.  
The midrage lift suits solos but I don't like it on rythm sounds.
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