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Fulltone Choralflange?

2/24/2000 12:37 PM
Max Fulltone Choralflange?
I've seen some rave reviews on this new pedal from Fulltone and am especially interested in "Leslie" effect.  
Does anyone out there tried this pedal? Your comments?
2/24/2000 1:09 PM

I've played with this pedal a little; the thing works fine, sounds great, what can you expect? Mike Fuller builds great stuff. I haven't bought the device *so far*, although I think about it now and again. The chorus and flange effects both sound great; there is a "wide" and "narrow" adjustment that's really cool, and you can just get a wide variety of chorus and flange speeds and sounds out of it. I have another chorus I really like, not as controllable and variable, but *the* chorus sound I like. And although the flange is great on the Fulltone there's just that something special about the MXR or the Electric Mistress, so that those are the two real stand-out flange units. The Fulltone is great, but it didn't quite match the other two at their best. To be honest, I only fiddled with it for fifteen minutes or so, and I've heard another person or two do the same, so it's not like taking one home and spending a lot of time with it. The bottom line is that it's a very, very nice sounding unit, but it costs a lot of money for a pedal (at least to a musician with three children!). OTOH, I may get one anyway, it really does sound very good. It's just that I already have a chorus I like a lot, and the MXR flanger really has "the sound" and is a *lot* less expensive.  
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2/25/2000 4:51 AM

So please don't keep us in suspense! What chorus do you like?  
2/25/2000 6:17 AM

Voodoo Labs. I really can't compare it directly with the "clone of CE-1" claim, I never used a CE-1, but it sounds great. It's a little noisy, though; less noisy in an fx loop than before the amp.  
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