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Rythm Distortion

2/18/2000 8:46 PM
Rythm Distortion
Hey all, I'm looking for a pedal, whether it be tube or SS to get some good alternative rythm tones. Im especially interested in using diode clippers in the Matchless Hotbox. Any ideas or comments on your favorite rythm distortion is appreciated, thanks.
2/23/2000 1:36 PM
M. Helin
With rhytmn guitar parts the EQ after any kind of clipping  
device makes your tone really stand out. Like listen to some  
U2 'broken fuzzbox' riffs and experiment with various distortion  
boxes. Also by cascading different pedals you can make  
new interesting tones. Anyway, I prefer any distortion  
devices which are relatively modest in distortion and don't  
produce much intermodulated (IM) distortion. TS-9 and  
clones are fine, TSF not. The optoFuzz I've been developing  
gave instant rhytmn tone sound for the 'You Really Got Me',  
the old Kinks riff by Dave Davies ( So  
look for a box with decent EQ or get one or more EQ boxes.  
- Mikko  
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2/23/2000 1:48 PM
M. Helin BTW
Btw. the "You Really Got Me" tone was made with an amp  
named Elpico (green tiny SS amp) with razorblade radially  
cut speaker(!), close miked and also connected from  
speaker output to Vox AC30. Try that.  
- Mikko  
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