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Sustainiac sustainer pickups - opamp or no?

2/10/2000 5:02 PM
David Manson
Sustainiac sustainer pickups - opamp or no?
I've been interested in these lately -- has anyone got a  
firsthand look at these -- they said they showed them at  
NAMM -- I would sure hate blow 300 dollars on a 50 cent  
opamp -- the transducer talk they have on their page sounds  
pretty fishy..
2/14/2000 12:41 PM
Mikko Helin

I think you can easily build the Model B Electro-Acoustic  
sustainer, as  
which use acoustic feedback with an acoustic driver (like a small speaker) clamped to the back of the headstock.  
For this you need a small power amp and small speaker, which you detacts into your guitar. Marshall MS-1 or MS-2 is an ideal amp, as it has enough gain. On the other hand, model b's power consuption is HUGE, 60 watts! So you may need larger amp after all, and the transducer making is difficult, as it shouln't actually make anu noises.  
I wouldn't like to use 60 W power to make vibrations to my guitar's neck, it will break down soon for sure.  
I think the original sustainiac use LM380 or similar small power amp to feed the magnetic transformer.  
- Mikko  
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2/14/2000 6:20 PM
Frank Clarke

I have done the acoustic sustainic thing. 1W speaker clamped to headstock, tube screamer and headphone amplifier. Infinite sustain. The low notes sustain most. Strings and truss rods conduct, don't they :) ?  
The pickups are something like a built in 6-string e-bow. Not a DIY project.
2/16/2000 1:27 PM
Dave Rich

Frank, You hit on an idea I had about using the truss rod and the strings as conductors for a sustainor. I wonder if current flow through the strings would induce a current in the pickup coils though. Probably not since they are perpindicular to each other.  
Here is another idea. When a piezo element is vibrated it produces a voltage. The converse is also true, if you apply a voltage(signal) to a piezo element it vibrates in response. So if you had a guitar outfitted with some piezo saddles, in theory you could feed a signal from your pickups back to them and have a piezo sustainor.  
Question: How would you drive the piezos? Discuss.  
Dave Rich
2/16/2000 10:03 PM
Frank Clarke
Driving piezo bridge saddles?
We're talking about Strat / Tune-O-Matic Piezo Saddles, I assume?  
Quick answer, I dunno.  
Vibrating solidbody piezo saddles would be a super-efficient sustainer, but pricey to experiment with (Blazing Saddles?). So I'll have to ask if anybody else actually knows.  
Now the 1W speaker against a Strat bridge works fine, and you could block off the tremelo "sustain block" with a 1W speaker for internal mounting. I suspect you cound wedge a speaker under a tune-o-matic with a wooden block and a piect of felt. The paper side facing away from the bridge of course.  
Power consumption is a reasonable concern. 1W seems plently, since you just need to keep "pushing the swing" to keep the vibes going. I suspect if the saddles could be vibrated efficiently it would be a fair bit less.  
Mind you the saddles would be easier than the "e-bow" pickups thing.  
The other idea is to drive an acoustic bridge out of phase, to _stop_ acoustic feedback at high volume.  
Are we in "Guitar Tech" yet?  
2/16/2000 11:57 AM
paul perry
Re: Sustainiac sustainer pickups - opamp or no?
Suprising how much power you need to do this feedback stuff unless the coils are exactly optimised. A friend has been working on this problem & has burnt out some pretty big coils!
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