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Infos on MN3XXX clocks and BBDs

10/21/1999 9:05 AM
Infos on MN3XXX clocks and BBDs
I would like to know where I could find information on the MN3XXX series chips as I have got a few of them here from old chorus units and would like to use them in Flanger/Delay units.  
I am also interested in the NE572/555 chips.  
Anyone? Mark Hammer?  
Thanks in advance.
10/21/1999 1:54 PM

The data sheets are on line somewhere. Maybe do a search on "panasonic" or "Matsushita" and "MN3*" could turn them up.
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10/21/1999 3:30 PM
DigiKey sells a book with specs and circuits
10/21/1999 3:49 PM

Do you have their address or e-mail?
10/21/1999 4:21 PM
Mark Hammer
We had a thread about this earlier in the year (before all the AMPAGE changes), and that's how I got my information.  
I forget the exact URL, but I do know that you have to go to the Japanese Panasonic site and not the American or European one. They have datasheets posted in PDF format. I would have sent you my copies, but foolishly I printed them out and deleted the files.
10/21/1999 11:08 PM
Mike I.

Just found the "effects" section of this BBS after all these weeks..have some reading to do. To get info on the MN3xxx chips go to the Panasonic website at  
Select English, then select Panasonic Semiconductor, then select Product Info, then select Electronic Catalog, then select "BBD Series for Audio Applications" in the parametric search. A bit long winded, but typing in the full URL does not seem to work.  
PDF files for most of the MN30xx, MN32xx and the new MN33xx series may be downloaded from here. The new MN33xx series is spec'd for 3 volt operation, but has poorer S/N than the higher voltage versions. Could be nice for 2 penlight cell type stuff.  
10/22/1999 2:02 PM

Thanks very much to all of you!  
I find those chips and the 57* series (compressors/expanders) very inspirational, if one can say that.  
And a friend is going to give me a dead Memory Man, so I'd better start studying now!
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