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phaser click, how to stop it

10/1/1999 3:03 PM
phaser click, how to stop it
i have an old jhs phaser 3 made in italy, it seems to be based around 3 mc1458cpi 8 pin chips the 1's maybe i's and vise versa (i'm no expert)  
it sounds good exept that it clicks every cycle it does  
is there a way to fix this. Any help greatly appreciated.  
ps dont blind me with science too much if possible ;) i can solder and know a little but im still learning thanks
10/2/1999 1:37 AM

There are ways to fix anything.  
In this case, I would replace all the electrolytic capacitors with new equivalent value ones, taking care to get the polarities correct when I replaced them. That may be all it needs, and it's a good idea on an old effect anyway.
10/2/1999 10:32 AM
thanx ill give it a try
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