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FX Power Supply

9/17/1999 7:56 PM
FX Power Supply
Looking for a great 9volt regulated power supply for your pedalboard? Don't feel like building one?  
I get sale flyers from MCM Electronics (in Ohio). For those unfamiliar with them, they deal in general consumer electronics parts, accessories, tech tools & supplies, speakers, semiconductors, etc. The latest flyer lists a 2amp regulated DC supply, with panel mounted on/off switch, red LED indicator, +/- output binding posts, and rotary voltage selector for 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, *9*, and 12 volts. The unit is in a ventilated hi-impact plastc case and is roughly the size of a brick. Good for up to full 2amps at any voltage setting. I've been using these things for the last 3 years with zero failures or problems.  
Now the good part: They're on sale for $9.99! (Used to be around $34.) I recommend you guys stock up. You can't go wrong buying a few. Pass one on to a friend. Part number is #28-2200. You'll need to give them the "Source Code" on the sale flyer "AF0999 (It's their Fall Sales Flyer, Sept 1 thru Oct 15, 1999. Their phone # is (800) 543-4330, or website  
These units are great for a bench supply, too. Run a 12v car stereo at home, if you like. I made up a cord to go from the banana jacks/binding posts to a 5.5x2.1mm power connector. The connector plugs into my boss pedalboard harness. The one in my living room is ON all the time, regardless of whether I'm using it or not. Zero hum, runs all those battery gulping digital delay pedals no sweat.  
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