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TS-5 to TS-808 odd switching problem

9/10/1999 4:10 PM
Jay Doyle
TS-5 to TS-808 odd switching problem
Ok, I've modded a TS5 to ts808 specs and it sounds great, for $20 I certainly can't complain.  
BUT, I have an interesting (and annoying) problem. When I hook up my pedal in my line (Strat Plus-->Dunlop CB Wah-->Boss Super OD-->TS5/808-->Ross Compressor-->Fender Blues Deville 2x12) with patch cords with ELBOW connectors the switching is SEVERELY intermittant. Sometimes it will turn on correctly but when turned off there will be no signal, sometimes it turns on but the output is muffled as well as the signal during bypass (this only happens AFTER I turn on the pedal, before I turn it on the bypassed signal is correct). But when I put it in my line connected with STRAIGHT connector patch cords I have no problems whatsoever.  
Now, could this problem occur from a mod mistake I made or is it due to the crappy enclosure the TS5 comes in. What  
could be causing this? HELP!!!  
Jay Doyle
9/10/1999 5:26 PM
F Yang

Hi Jay  
Check the solder connections between the input jack and the PCB board. I've got a TS-5 where the joints were cracked around the legs, resulting in almost exactly the same problem you're describing (though I never narrowed the problem down to specific cord types...).  
The TS-5 is a bargain pedal, but pretty cheaply built in a few aspects. While in there, I'd touch up the solder joints around the DC-jack (if you use it) and the output jacks - anything that might be put under mechanical stress.  
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