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Roland Space Echo Tape

8/18/1999 8:36 PM
CJ Landry
Roland Space Echo Tape
I know Roland discontinued the RT-1L tape cartridge for the Space Echos, so I was wondering if anyone has found a place that has reissued a tape that works?  
I called Roland and they told me that from what they have heard, The Audiopak Tape type 613 or 614 will work if I need to make my own tape. I can do this but the local distributor for this Audiopak tape wants $40/reel of the 613 type.  
I will do it if I have to but I have 2 space echos in for repair now and I know they both need a new tape loop and cleaning. I only need about 50ft.  
Any ideas or other sources?  
CJ Landry
8/19/1999 3:50 PM

I don't think there is anything special about the tape.  
I have used a roll of 1/4 mastering tape I got from a studio I was working at. They were throwing it out as they don't use it any more, Dat's and all that.  
the splice on the RT-1L's was really bad anyway some had gaps that would drop out.  
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8/21/1999 3:16 AM
space echo tapes
Ive had 2 space echos and have used 1/4" recording  
tape that I bought at radio shack for $7>))  
The lenght I cut it to was 201"This lenght is not written in  
stone though.I spliced it into a loop  
ribbon folded it and tucked it into a hotel  
sized match box with 1 end cut out.This  
held the tape and allowed it to feed correctly  
with out flipping over,this method works slick  
and the radio shack tape quality is good enough for  
echo! good luck
8/22/1999 10:20 PM
CJ, I worked as a tech at Sam Ash music a couple of years ago ('93-'98) and I recall getting a tape cartridge from Roland for a customer of mine. I remember doing a bit of digging to find the part number, but they still had them in stock. If you decide to call Roland again, ask to speak to Ian (he was still there in Aug. 98, and hopefully hasn't left) he seemed to be really on top of things as far as parts were concerned. Good Luck,  
8/23/1999 1:08 PM
CJ Landry

Thanks Bill, and yes, I have called Roland and Ian is the man to talk to! He knows the Roland products well.  
Unfortunately, Roland discontinued the RT-1L tape cartridge and they have no replacement. This is why I am on the hunt to find a replacement. I was told by the Roland product specialist that the tape is 17' long or 8.5' in diameter. He said someone called in a while back and said that they had good luck with this 613 type tape from Audiopak. So, I want to find what others may have used because 1 reel of this tape costs $40 and I would like to see what other options I have before I sink the cash into someones "I HAVE HEARD" statement.  
Question for Greg, Do you hear hiss with the Radio Shack tape? I did the same thing and after a few months the same Space echo is back on my bench because of too much hiss. I think it is the taped causing the problem?  
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