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Foxx Tone Machine tweeking etc.

8/12/1999 12:37 AM
John Catto
Foxx Tone Machine tweeking etc.
I am currently working on building a Foxx Tone Machine. After an intial problem (one resister with the wrong value...) I've got it up and running. Initially it sounded very harsh with a pronounced slow attack (VERY) when in Octave mode. Since I built it using 2N3565 transistors (Same as the Experience pedal) and IN916 Diodes I wondered whether this was due to not using Germaniums but I didn't have any. On an off chance I subbed LEDS for the diodes in the circuit in the hope of smoother clipping and bang it sounded fantastic. Much hotter and smoother sounding. Does anyone else have any suggestions to make this pedal better. I've always wanted one because of Adrian Belew's use of it. As an additional question to RG. I put a Millenium II Bypass into it which worked when only the volume pot was installed but now it will only "work" if PS ground is separate from Circuit ground (ie. not!!!) What does this suggest to you?  
Cheers John  
PS does anyone know a UK supplier for Germanium transistors/Diodes etc.?
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