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'71 Guild Bluesbird

6/3/1999 5:24 PM
Doug B '71 Guild Bluesbird
Can anyone out there advise what the value of a '71 Guild Bluesbird might fetch these days? Is it a desirable guitar? Is it a collectable? I have a few other guitars (Strat, PRS, Les Paul) but am not too familiar with Guild electrics. I should be able to pick this one up for about $600US because it needs to be refinished (which I can do).
6/4/1999 3:43 PM
Mark Hammer

The new DeArmond line of guitars (see review in current GP) seems to draw from the old Guild and Harmony line. Although the Bluesbird was produced more recently than 71, my guess is that the resurgence of interest in solid-body Gretsch, and the reconsideration of older Guild models generated by the DeArmond line (which I believe is overseen by Fender) might add a few dollars to the value of an older Guild instrument. Would such an instrument be better than a new production model? Don't know. Would it accrue value as a "collectable"? Maybe, but it's probably one of those guitars where you have to find the customer, not one where the customer finds you (like a White Penguin or Broadcaster).  
You may want to save yourself the refinishing work and save a bit of money by checking out these DeArmonds (especially the Bigsby-equipped ones). I saw a few in the store and they look real nice for the money (which tends to be less than $600US). On the other hand, there is great comfort in knowing one is playing an older instrument . I have a few, and like the idea of holding a neck in my hands that is older than I am. If that's worth a couple of extra bucks for you, then do it. If you want to get rich quick, there are better ways.
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