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Isolating the strings

6/2/1999 12:48 AM
Isolating the strings
I have been working on my Yamaha Pacifica-basically modding it with all the known mods such as .015 cap for tone, putting in new pickups etc...  
Finally I am reading about string grounding and I know about the .1uF/250V-450 cap that I can put in between the ground wire and and the strings, but my friend told me I could put the .1uF cap AND a 1MEG resistor in parallel.  
This would still ground and filter but would also prevent dangerous shocks.  
Anyone know about this?  
6/2/1999 7:34 AM
Aron I like to disconnect the string ground if I shield a guitar. I find with a strat style guitar, plastic knobs, plastic tip on switch and a shielding/wiring I find no difference with the strings connected or disconnected so I leave them disconnected the output jack is still exposed with the metal plate.
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