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Atchely "hum buster" mod...

6/1/1999 4:07 PM
Dave James
Atchely "hum buster" mod...
Hi All,  
Has anyone out there performed the Atchley "hum buster" mod? I've done it to my '95 MIJ Strat and didn't achieve the level of hum reduction as I anticipated.  
Any input would be a great sanity check.  
Dave James  
6/2/1999 7:32 PM
Steve A.

    I've done the Atcheley thing on 2 or 3 guitars now and the predominant reduction of hum/noise seems to be from the copper foil that I used to line the cavities and pickguard. Isolating the grounds from the signal returns adds in maybe an extra 5% worth of hum reduction. At least that is my take on the situation.  
    If your strat uses a RWRP middle pickup, your guitar should be very hum-free in the #2 and #4 notch positions. With a vintage-style single coil pickup used alone, IMHO you will always pick up some hum when playing in an "RF-noisy" environment.  
    You might look at my articles on the EPI Paul Jr and Tele mods to see how I implemented the "John Atcheley" system:  
Steve Ahola
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6/3/1999 2:04 PM
Dave James

Thanks for the feedback...I'll review your data when I get out of class.  
Yeah, there was "some" reduction (from what particular piece of the mod I'm not sure), but I was hoping for more - oh well...  
Dave James  
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