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ah la la

5/30/1999 8:21 AM
B. Holden ah la la
Damn this forum. Why can't I use the sparce bar for more that one space.  
That wire attached to the IN is suposed to be lined up with the CAP.  
5/30/1999 1:57 PM

I think you'll find the same problem with any web-based forum, Bryan. It has to do with the way HTML (the language used to build web pages) works. HTML collapses any number spaces down to a single space. HTML also provides a method of retaining your pre-formatted spacing for things like ascii diagrams. All you have to do is enclose the diagram between a pair of <PRE> </PRE> tags, like this:  
Vol. Tone  
0---~p~> (braded wire to Grnd.)  
0---~p~.001 0 pu  
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