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Early MIJ '57 Reissue Fender Strats

5/28/1999 11:44 AM
Doug B Early MIJ '57 Reissue Fender Strats
I am very happy with my MIJ Squire Strat, but need to validate the fact that I believe it is a '57 Reissue.  
It has the JV serial number stamped on the neck plate, 3 position switch, a single ply pick guard, maple slab fretboard and gold Squire lable with Stratocaster in bold black lettering.  
Also, can anyone provide me with information on these guitars...Opinions, Value today, Sold in USA?, etc, etc...
5/29/1999 11:05 AM

Are you sure the fingerboard is separate(ie slab)? The '57 reissues normally had a 1 piece neck quite dark yellow laquer and walnut skunk stripe down the back. Otherwise your one sounds like the real deal. The pickups should be made in USA  
If you've got a serial number you can check the year with most of the Fender books. '82-'83 were about the best IMHO. They also have the production date stamped (or occasionally pencilled) in the neck join. The neck and body usually have slightly different dates. I'm told they were never sold in the US, but I can't confirm this. Available color was initially 2-tone sunburst (or 3-tone for the '62 reissue), but the second batch was available in black and white as well (I've got one of each!) The finish is quite soft and easily marked. Possibly cellulose, but I don't know much about finishes.  
Here in the UK the value of these is getting quite high. Immaculate examples are fetching over £500 UK, and even tatty examples with wrong pickups seem to be worth £350 plus. (That's $500-$700!).  
These guitars were consistently amazing. In the UK they were well known to be better than any of the US production of the era. They are very faithful to the original '57, with a lovely light ash body that's really resonant. The only real differences with a late '50s strat are that the neck of the Squier is thinner, and the dots are a bit too far apart on the 12th fret. Every time I pick up a megabucks vintage Strat in a shop I'm really thankful I got my Squiers. The parts are all starting to age now, and they really look the part.  
If I can help with anything else in identification or advice, feel free to get in touch. I love these guitars.  
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5/29/1999 6:19 PM
Doug B

Thanks for the info Liam. You were right, there is an inlay on the back of the neck! I was mistaken. The serial # is JV25784. I haven't had the neck off the body yet but the person that sold me the guitar did say that there was a date in pencil on the end of the neck. Just can't remember the date he mentioned. Would you have a book that would indicate the date by the serial #?? Thanks, I LOVE this guitar!  
BTW, I have just sent away for a set of Lindy Fralin pickups. I'll let you know how they sound once I get them and install them.
5/30/1999 8:27 AM

I'd say it's probably'82 or early '83. Is it a Sunburst one? They look great. If you don't want the stock pickups I'd like to buy them. One of mine ended up with Jackson Vintage reissues, which don't sound quite right. Let me know how you get on with the Lindy Fralins.  
5/30/1999 11:26 AM
Doug B

Hi Liam,  
It's a 2 tone sunburst. I'll let yo know how the Lindy Fralins are.
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