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Vulcanized fiberboard?

5/11/1999 9:16 PM
Denny Vulcanized fiberboard?
Who's the source for vulcanized fibreboard? Nothing found in the archives. Most web sites for the stuff are manufacturers who have large minumums! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Denny. ( Using for pickups)
5/24/1999 10:14 AM
Bill R
Try McMaster-Carr. They have a web site - Also good source for hook-up wire. Their on-line ordering system has worked fine for me. They have lots of fiberboard and fiberglass circuit board material. They call it "garolite", its a little hard to find on the web site if I remember. I use the 3/32" polyester board with eyelets. Works great, but not as nice looking as some of the other materials. Bill R.
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5/24/1999 3:10 PM
Steve M

I don't know if this would work or not, but try an automotive gasket shop. They might give you some scraps, or sell you a small piece. Some of the others on the amps BBS have used it for eyelet boards for amps with good results, IIRC.  
5/24/1999 8:08 PM
Steve A.

    I know that Fender used the fibreboard, but perhaps plastic would be easier to get and work with... The main advantage I see with the vulcanized fiberboard would be less static electricity. Of course the strat pickup covers are plastic so maybe that doesn't make much difference.  
Steve Ahola
5/25/1999 5:46 AM

Has anyone considered using bare circuit board material, namely 0.062" FR4 glass epoxy PCB material? It may be a little thick but should have good physical and electrical properties. Oh, and it would probably look strange. I plan to try it myself some day.
5/25/1999 7:33 PM
Mark Hammer

Good idea. I toyed with it myself, having run out of more standard pickup materials at one point. One advantage of this idea is that you can use SMT components and hard wire a small pre-amp to the bottom of the pickup, using the copper side as a PCB. Hard to get the pickup-to-preamp leads any shorter than that,
5/26/1999 6:05 AM

There could be one more benefit using PCB material for pickups. One of the cheapest ways to get a precision machined sheet of material is to design a PCB. We do this all the time at work using FR4. PCB manufacturers can regularly hold hole diameter and position tolerances to around 0.001". You could lay out a PCB with the parts for a pickup, then snap them apart and assemble. It seems that Gibson did this with some of their '80's humbuckers, I have one with an etched bottom plate and another piece of plated FR4 as a shield. The bobbins were molded plastic with pins that soldered into the bottom plate.
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