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Any recommended used/new parts dealer?

5/11/1999 4:43 AM
Any recommended used/new parts dealer?
My trusty 1980 Ibanez AV200's high E tuning head just broke...i was wondering if anyone knows of a used guitar parts place, or a new parts dealer that can get OEM parts...The stock tuners are fine, and I hate to drill any holes in it for a different style tuner.  
Thanks, BC
5/11/1999 2:15 PM

This might sound like a dumb question, but have you contacted the customer service or parts department of Hoshina Corp (Ibanez)?  
I got some replacement parts for a Roadstar tailpiece directly from them. They may have the tuning machines you need.  
I'm not familiar with the model you mentioned, but unless the tuners are something special, other replacement tuner sets will fit your guitar. Since yours were most likely mfd. in japan, some of the Gotoh brand tuners (Stewart MacDonald Supply has them) might actually match the ones (or at least the mounting holes) on your guitar.  
I think the only way to order Ibanez parts is through a dealer that sells that line of guitars, or by ordering direct as discussed above.
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