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Suggestions for Strat bridge PU?

3/24/1999 7:12 AM
Mike B
Suggestions for Strat bridge PU?
Hi all,  
I'm trying to find a replacement for the stock AS Strat bridge pickup that will give me a little more output and a less shrill high end. I love the sound of single coils, especially in the neck position, but the icepick treble response on the stock bridge pickup is too much....  
I've tried a DiMarzio FS-1 which is an overwound (about 2X) strat pickup and I hated it - exaggerated midrange and no presence or warmth. So, I need a compromise.  
Any suggestions? Texas Special? Duncans?  
Any help would be appreciated.  
Mike B
3/24/1999 12:47 PM
Dave Stork

I have also tried the FS-1 with similar results. Sure, it was high-output, but it was also muddy and completely lacking in the clarity for which single-coils are known. It was like having all the drawbacks of a humbucker without the advantages :-)  
As for me, I would like a recommendation for a single-coil sized humbucker that's a drop-in replacement for a stock Strat pickup. I would like something that delivers a single-coil tone with less hum and perhaps higher output. I know there are several pickups that claim to do this, but I'd like to hear feedback from those who've tried them rather than believing the advertisements or descriptions in catalogs.
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3/24/1999 1:24 PM
I have heard the dimarzio VV and new fender noiseless they sounded very good. However I did not play them myself. From what I can deduce from frontline you have to change your pots to 1meg for the fenders. My GUESS is with a tube amp 1meg or greater input z this is ok, however effects tend to have less than 500k input z I am wondering what they sound like with effects (vintage ff would be a good test low input z). Anyone use them with effects?
3/25/1999 8:33 PM

I hate to SPAM you folks, but I've heard nothing but great things about this guys pickups. I haven't tried them but seriously intend to give them a shot.  
His rewind policy I think would be the thing for you.  
Hope you guys don't mind--I've never even talked to this guy--so I'm not affiliated!  
3/27/1999 3:46 PM
Lee Reese

Have you looked into Barden yet? I A/B'ed the  
pickups from a Fender Relic Tele with a Tele w/Bardens. There is a little bit of difference w/the neck PU, but the Bridge sounds almost identical, with the Barden being a bit brighter, (the Tele w/Bardens had no tone control, so that should make up for the difference.) having higher output and being dead quiet. I'm thinking about buying another set for my other Tele.
3/26/1999 1:57 AM
Steve A.

Suggestion #1: get a Lindy Fralin SP bridge pickup (SP for Steel Pole). You may need to check with them to see if the windings/polarity is compatible with the stock Fender pickups. These pickups sound a little bit like a P90, with none of the sharpness if a regular single-coil bridge pickup.  
Suggestion #2: rewire your harness for series and parallel linkages between the neck and bridge pickups. The N/B parallel linkage is like a Tele with the switch in the middle- nice and bright but not like an ice pick. The N/B series linkage is like the "best humbucker you never heard on a strat". Because the two coils are several inches apart you get more definition than you do with a regular humbucker. For these two linkages to be hum-cancelling, one of the pickups needs to be RWRP. Assuming that your middle pickup is RWRP you can swap it with the bridge pickup  
    I've put the Sup'rStrat wiring harness on two of my guitars and with the 9 different linkages I can get practically any type of sound I want:" TARGET="_top">  
Suggestion #3: Scrap the stock tone controls and put in a master TBX on the bottom and a passive mid cut/mid cut-boost pot in the middle.  
Steve Ahola
3/26/1999 12:00 PM
Dave Stork

The N/B series linkage is  
like the "best humbucker you never heard on a strat". Because the two coils  
are several inches apart you get more definition than you do with a regular  
Hmmm... I did this on one of my Strats; and while the tone is powerful and free of hum--and pretty good for single-note leads--I found it to be a bit muddy and not really suitable for chord work. Of course, the phrase "your mileage may vary" definitely applies here.
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