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New and different series problem

12/13/1998 5:18 PM
60's relic
New and different series problem
Hey All  
After I got the info last week on series wiring a tele with a dpdt from Steve and Gus,I ran out and got two mini dpdt's with intentions of doing the mod this week end.One was for the tele,that's O.K.However the other was for my Epi-caster,and when I pulled the back plate off I suddenly realized that****DUUUUUHHHHHH******it ain't wired like a tele.(sometimes I'm a little slow comin'out of the gate)Anyhow,this guitar has explorer type circuit,2 vol 1 tone,the pups go thru the pots before the switch,just the opposite of a tele,and the Gibson style three way switch is way different.Can you wire-whiz gurus help me?It is two single coil tele pickups with the above described circuit.  
The better at wiring houses than guitars,  
12/14/1998 10:26 PM
Steve A.

To 60's:  
    If you really want series options for your Epi-caster (single coil pu's- right) you might want to get a very small 6 position 4 pole rotary switch (is the switch next to the controls, or in a cavity of its own like a LP?) I had put one of those in my LP back in the 70's and most of the selections really sucked with stock humbuckers... You got the whiny out-of-phase sound that emphasized all of the string noises and the series linkage that was so loud it'd blow out your speakers if you weren't careful (but not a good loud sound!) Series out-of-phase was the only worthwhile addition to the standard 3 choices on a LP (which was used on early PRS's BTW).  
    I'll let you know if I can figure out something using a typical Gibson wiring harness.  
Steve Ahola
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12/15/1998 6:07 AM
60's relic

Hey Steve  
Yes,the guitar does have single coils,and the pickup switch is in the same cavity with controls.Everything is physically easy to get to.I really don't care if it even takes a whole different approach to the whole harness.This guitar is basically a beater.Thanks for your help.  
success............the relic
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