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MXR Dyna Comp

7/25/1999 11:59 AM
MXR Dyna Comp
Hey where is everybody?  
If anyone is out there, I have a question about installing a DPDT footswitch in my MXR Dyna Comp. It seems to suck a little tone even when the effect is off. I have the DPDT switch, there seems to be plenty of room for it, and the wiring seems straight forward- are there any hidden challenges I should know about? Has anyone done this before? Also, has anyone done any experimenting with installing carbon composition capacitors to make it sound more like the script edition Dyna Comps? Thanks in advance.
8/2/1999 5:48 PM

Hey there. I think most peope abandoned this site when it was down for so long. Hope they didn't drop the link...  
Anyway, check out the TECH TIPS portion of  
Michael has a very straihtforward explanation (pictorial) for installing DPDT switches.  
Your best bet for returning your reissue(?) to vintage specs would start with a schematic and finding out what Dunlop changed and undoing it.  
Good luck-Geoffrey
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8/6/1999 10:12 AM

Thanks Geoffrey,  
It looks like we are the only two here!  
I have one of each (script, block, and reissue) and have been comparing them. The script and block versions have identical pcbs- all component values are the same, but, visually, it appears that they changed manufacturers or suppliers, probably for cost benefits! Isn't that the driving force in most applications (your wahs being one of the few exceptions)? The reissue is a whole other ballgame- I have schematics for the originals, but have not found any for the new version. So I may experiment with exchanging caps and resistors and just see what happens!  
Thanks for your help with my wah a couple of months ago. I think the last time I e-mailed you I was having the problem with the volume oscillations when it was AC powered- got it figured out and now it smokes (figuratively, not literally!). Still want to get one of your inductors installed, though! And what would your "tropical fish" capacitors sound like? I guess the fun never ends, does it?  
Thanks again for all your time,  
Randy Erickson (TeleTubby)
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