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Morley pro phaser

6/4/1999 6:41 AM
Morley pro phaser
Hello everybody  
Yesterday got a 70's morley pro phaser (AC powered),extremely cool pedal,but I am a bit concerned with the control "harmonic emphasis",doesn't seem to do much,if anything.So I'm asking if anyone has ever come across one is there a way to test the pot or associated circuitry to see if it's working OK and if so, how to go about it.FTR the pot is an enclosed type,marked : AB ,E96-5,TYPE J.  
6/4/1999 11:56 AM
CJ Landry

I have worked on one of these a while back and from what I remember I do not think the Harmonic emphasis did much either. Although I seem to remember it was very subtle.  
You might want to trace the pot back into the circuit and see if it is not controlled by a gain stage that has a pot in its circuit. Someone may have tweeked it to change things and got it all out of whack  
It is for this reason I never liked Morely. They had too many trim pots on the PCB which allowed the user to experiment with different adjustments and then they got it so out of whack it didn't sound good. Guess who they bring it to to fix it? Do think there is good info on the older Morely pedals?  
OK, calm down CJ!! I do not like Morely pedals!!  
Gettin'a grip,  
CJ Landry  
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6/4/1999 8:53 PM

Thanks for the info CJ,I am not all that fond of morley stuff myself,I've got the power wah from the same period and while I think thats got an alright sound,I much prefer the Mutron wah-vol.  
As for my morley phaser,I traced it back to a trimpot,so I'll have a play with that and see how I go.BTW I dont think the centre control did much either,only real noticeable on slower settings.My favourite thing about this pedal is that you can sweep the phase manually.  
6/7/1999 4:52 PM
Mark Hammer

"Harmonic emphasis"? Hmmm...  
Is there anything on board called regeneration or feedback? If not, then maybe H.E. is Morley's name for the same function. If it is, it should be a basic voltage divider taking its signal from the output of the phase-shift stages, and feeding them back to an earlier phase shift stage. Very good chance there is a trimpot in series with the input to this pot.  
See the thread on Anders Westerberg's problems with his delay machine. Same deal.
6/7/1999 5:42 PM

Mark,harmonic emphasis is Morley's fancy name for feedback,and there is a pot to adjust.Last night adjusted it to where it should be.It was actually turned fully clockwise(or counter clockwise?Can't remember now)which would explain wht it was basically doing nothing.I don't think I'll play with all those other trimpots(about 5 or 6),it sounds good as it is now.  
Thanks for the replies.  
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