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Mains-In Transformer for Hot Box

6/2/1999 3:05 PM
Gary Preston
Mains-In Transformer for Hot Box
Does anyone have the spec. or know of anywhere I can get a new mains Xfr. with a 240V in for a Matchless Hot Box ??  
6/4/1999 12:16 PM

There are some small open frame transformers with partitioned plastic bobbins that have a pair of 120v primaries, which can be wired in parallel for 120v operation, or in series for 240v operation. I believe that Mouser carries some. You'll have to pick one that has the required secondary voltage & VA rating. Sorry, I don't know the catalog page or part number. Gus or R.G. might have the info, or just try the Mouser website.  
I've also seen this type of transformer in surplus outlets. They were made by General Signal(?), and were painted black. They were commonly used in analog low voltage regulated power supplies and in control panels.
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