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Tremolo thanks and update

6/2/1999 4:52 AM
Tremolo thanks and update
OOh hey - foot-rocker-type control of the trem speed would be outstanding. I really appreciate the info on this issue guys. I'm really interested in Dave from Dialtone's new trem prototype and maybe if I send him a chassis he could build it into a rocker-foot pedal for me...who knows. I get more info just reading all your exchanges than 20 years of shots in the dark and trying every pedal down the pike!
6/2/1999 8:42 PM

You might also want to look at LERA - the Leslie Effect Rotor Adapter on GEO. This is designed to ramp a speed up and down like turning the motor in a leslie cabinet on and off.
6/4/1999 6:51 AM
Preben Hansen

Just a comment. H§ffner once made some foot-pedals. Ihave one at home, with 2 rocker-pedals on, one for swell and one for "effect".  
The pedal give 3 choices for "effect":  
1. Treble-boot volume  
2. Fuzz-intensity/volume  
3. Tromolo depth.  
On the side of the pedal is a pot with a large alu-knob on, which could easily be operated with the foot, this is the tremolo speed.  
The pedal is from the late 60. or early 70.  
Transistors: GERMANIUM, type Siemens AC151r.  
Regards Preben.
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